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Rita Estremera, started making soap for her kids. With the great results she had on their skin, she decided to start a business making Soap, so since 2008 her passion grew, and today she makes a variety of soaps which everyone can enjoy.
She grew up with Aloe plant, fruits and herbs. That has been the inspiration of her soaps.
We make natural soap, with essentials and fragrance oils for the entire family.
My inspiration comes from growing up with many of aloe plant, fruit, and medicinal herbs in my home country the Dominican Republic.


Ultrasonic Atomizing Chamber

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7 color changing, ultrasonic chamber, electric aromatherapy diffuser.

"Combines science and technology "

Use with plant aromatherapy oils. The process sprays superfine particles with 5 microns, creating a large number of negative ions, wich is more likely to be inhaled by the human body. This provides access to the essence se of natural aromatherapy to nerves, and increases the skin MOISTURIZING EFECTS.

Use in close spaces like bedroom with the essential oil to improve sleep quality.

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