Organic Dominican Chocolate Candy Bar

Organic chocolate- healthy bar
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This chocolate bar is made out of organic products. KAH KOA bars have a wide range of exquisite chocolates that reflect the quality of the Dominican cacao and it's unique post-harvest protocols. KAH KOW chocolate bars are crafted with organic ingredients such as, organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, and organic sunflower lecithin.

  • 90% Cacao Duarte : Earthy chocolate flavor, with notes of fruity acidity.
  • 72% Tireo Medium Roast : Caramelized sugar cane, woody notes (spruce and cassia). Slight tobacco note and astringency, faint toasted grains and bright acidity.
  • 70% Cacao Monte Plata : Chocolate core wood an olive complexity, balanced with vegetable tartness.
  • 40% Cacao Milk Alternative : Made with almond flour & coconut milk. An intense flavor of cacao with a hint of candied dates and honey, ending in notes of toasted cereals.
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